My Formula for Dealing with My Crohn’s – Probiotics – Part III

This one is difficult for people with IBS conditions.  But this in my opinion and my experience is very important.

He is what I have found is the issue.  If you eat meat most of it contains some kind of antibiotics and if you get sick you tend to get antibiotics right away.  I got sick twice in the last 3 years and both times they gave me amoxicillin, this totally wiped out the bacteria in my gut.  While this … Read More....

My Formula for Dealing with My Crohn’s – Part II

So it seems I may have thrown myself out of balance a bit with my current formula.  I have been having some issues with anxiety and just not feeling super well in that fashion.  So I am making some adjustments.

I am adding the following to my routine.  This all brand new and subject to change.  You should ALWAYS try things in small doses and small changes to see how they change how you feel.  Your body is a delicate … Read More....

My Formula for Dealing with My Crohn’s

My cousin asked me for my formula that I use to deal with my Crohn’s disease so I thought I would publish it for all to see and use.  This is what I have found over many years of trial and error.  I haven’t taken my prescriptions in years.  Since starting this final formula I haven’t had an issue.  I got to this version in about May I think, and it has worked great!!

Work and my social life have … Read More....

First to Internet Subscriptions Wins

I am huge on using the Roku, Boxee and AppleTV and the like.  BTW Roku 2 review coming soon.

In my opinion the first TV network to come out with an app for any of those plateforms and offer a subscription plan that is free of the cable companies wins!  If I could pay $10 a month for HBO directly to HBO I would. Not sure what HBO gets per subscriber right now, but I bet it isn’t $10 per.… Read More....

My Favorite Podcasts – Update – HNNCast Closes

It figures, right after I post my favorite podcasts one of them shuts down.

The Hacker News Network has decided not to continue due to time constraints.  I am very sad to hear this news.  It was an incredible source of information and very entertaining.

I wish the guys at HNNCast well and hope after some time off they will reconsider.

In any case check out the rest of the podcasts and let me know if you have some others … Read More....

My Favorite Podcasts

Over the past couple of years I have developed a new addiction, podcasts.  I spend a large part of my Sunday getting caught up on my podcasts of choice as well as listening to the audio podcasts at work or on the way to work.  So I thought I would post a list of my favorite tech podcasts.  I am not associated with any of the podcasts below.

  1. HNNCast – The Hacker News Network — This is by far my
Read More....

Boxee Box Update

Since my last post about the Boxxee Box, Roku and Apple TV I have moved the Boxee into my bed room so that I can stream stuff in there.  This solves the problem of those mornings waking up hungover and not wanting to get out of bed…..

Anyway…..  I continue to have issues with it overheating.  It locks up a bit.  I am hoping that the latest updates will help?  Kinda doubt it but what can you do.  I am … Read More....

Sony = FAIL!

Today Sony let people know that they lost the data on 70 million PSN users.  Yes 70 MILLION!  They also lost the credit card numbers for those same users who stored their credit card numbers in PSN for purchases and subscriptions.

Sony basically said sorry.

So my biggest problem with this whole thing?  How do you lose the data on 70 million customers without noticing in real time?  That had to be a HUGE data transfer.  I can’t believe they … Read More....

Roku Things I Forgot

I forgot to mention that you can use Hulu Plus from Roku none of the others that I tested had a Hulu PLus app.

I will have a few more posts about Roku in the near future.

Those of you with iPhones check out the DVPRemote App.  Really cool app to control your Roku with your iPhone.  Best part is that is has a keyboard so you can type stuff in as apposed to hunt and click with the Roku … Read More....

Roku XD HDS vs Boxee Box and Apple TV

I picked up a Roku XD HDS this weekend.  I have been working on a comparison between it, the Boxee Box and Apple TV.  My pick in short is the Roku.  Here is a quick synopses of why.

First the amount of content on the Roku is on par with the Boxee and way above what you get with the Apple TV.  The video quality is also on par with the Boxee and way above the Apple.

As far as … Read More....

Boxee Rocks

Just picked up a Boxee Box.  Been watching it all day. It is pretty cool.  I have had an Apple TV for a few months and while I like the interface better in the Apple TV I have to say the Boxee kills it in every other way.

I will do a head to head a little later.  Right now I am enjoying my new Boxee!… Read More....

Sony Sucks, PS3 Hacking Isn’t Illegal

Sony is suing a customer George Holtz for releasing the encryption key to the Sony PS3.  This is rediculous.  If he worked for Sony I would agree that they have a case but they are suing a kid because he was smart enough to figure it out and Sony wasn’t smart enough to hide it well enough.

I find it very interesting that companies want to start suing customers over the use of the hardware that they sell us.  We … Read More....